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"They truly understood our needs. The software and AI they developed has become indispensable to our business."

– Dustin Reineke, President, RipplePoint

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– Jared Schneider, CEO, Caretime Health Systems

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– Dimitri C, CEO, BrandCoders

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As a business owner, you're faced with numerous challenges in today's ever-changing market. Volatile markets, increased competition, and constant innovations create obstacles that can be difficult to overcome. You may have heard about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to help, but with so many options available, it's challenging to determine which solutions are right for your business. What you truly need is a trusted partner who understands your specific business needs and can deliver customized AI solutions that work for you.


At Grata Software, we have a deep understanding of these challenges and specialize in providing tailored AI solutions to optimize your business operations.

Our team of seasoned AI professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and goals. We'll carefully assess your business and identify the most effective AI applications that align with your needs. By partnering with us, you can expect streamlined processes, exclusive solutions designed specifically for your business, and ultimately, a more profitable and competitive edge.

Case 1: Document Scanning and Data Extraction

​Billing Management Company in Hospitality spent thousands of hours reviewing incoming bills for their customers resulting in increased spending in their workforce. Once the bills were analyzed, they re-negotiated contracts on their clients' behalf to reduce their bills. This process was manual.

​Grata designed, developed and deployed an AI solution that used machine learning to ingest the bills automatically, scanned them, and extracted all bill data summarizing the total costs to prep for negotiations.

​This solution improved productivity by 60% allowing the organization to increase new customers as they increased their ability to take on more capacity.

Case 2: Custom Content Creation Tool

​Creating new videos for social media marketing involves hours of scripting new ideas. Additionally, there is a pattern to very effective video content.

​Grata created a tool that utilizes parameters and training data for a specific company and their content, and ingests it into a custom generative AI model. Based on input parameters, the tool returns a complete video script with all components that make up an effective social media video. 

This solution increased the capacity to deliver more effective video content to social media that generates interest and engagement. The video scripts are specific to the business and their target audience.

What AI Solutions Give You

  • Free up capital to reinvest back into your business
  • ​Increase Annual Profit Margins
  • ​Reduce Unnecessary Expenses
  • ​Increase Quality and Standards
  • Efficiently use your workforce and business assets
  • ​Higher job satisfaction and lower turnover
  • ​Reduce Errors
  • ​More Agile and Responsive to your market​
  • ​Foresee operational risks and bottlenecks before they happen

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