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Streamline Your Operations, Automate Workflows, Build Custom Software and Cloud Solutions to Generate Huge ROI.

  • ​Need More Complex IT Expertise for Your Business
  • ​Protect Your Technology's Intellectual Property
  • ​Deliver Mobile, Web, and Embedded Systems Effectively
  • ​Require More Data Insights and Security Compliance

Rey Ortega
CEO / Chief Architect

Rey Ortega is the CEO and Founder of Grata Software

Our Team is ready to maximize your business efficiencies and provide the most comprehensive IT and Software Solutions that will take your business to the next level.

What Some Customers Say!

Caretime Health Custom Software Development

"They took away the stress and complexity of software development, and assisted us multiple technology acquisitions."

- Jared Schneider, CEO, Caretime Health -

Caretime Health Custom Software Development

"The team delivered a solution beyond our expectations. They turned our product around and provided us a path to acquisition."

- Brian Hamaoui, CEO, MyGuestBook -

Caretime Health Custom Software Development

"They truly understood our needs. The software and AI they developed has become indispensable to our business. "

- Dustin Reineke, President, RipplePoint -

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Our Capabilities

Technology Risk Management

Reduce risks through detailed analysis, architecture, and implementation of optimal technology solutions

Software Development & Architecture

Proficiencies in developing RESTful APIs, web applications, and mobile apps focused on high availability and scalability

Technologies include Java, J2EE, C/C++, CORBA, Oracle, SQL, PHP, DBAL, ORM, Angular, React, Objective-C,  C#, and Python

Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring

Project team leadership interfacing with stakeholders ensuring project delivery meets business initiatives.

Provide mentoring and coaching in both technical and non-technical areas

Cloud Technologies & Managed Services

Management and maintenance of On-Premise systems and Cloud Services such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud

Web & Mobile Development Consultation

Provide consultation and guidance in IT infrastructure, web development, and mobile app development.

Technical liaison between International software teams and clients providing advisory and management.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Comprehensive system engineering and analysis of embedded and network-based software.

Architecting, documenting, and implementing systems integrations and process flows, ensuring seamless interoperability.

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